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As much as you may believe that you need to be different or become someone else, I am here to tell you that is wrong! In therapy we will help you integrate all the many versions of you so that you can find your power once more. 

When we know our power, we are less likely to be caged. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill therapy sessions. During our sessions, we will slowly explore all parts of you - The people pleaser who has lived their life for others as the ultimate helper. The anxious, unsure part of you that holds yourself back from pursuing your greatest potential. The self-sacrificing giver who is coming to terms with what it might have to lose to live their best life. The "selfish and angry" parts of yourself that you’ve felt ashamed of. All the parts you have felt afraid to show anyone who you truly are.



Life can truly kick us in the a** sometimes. Losing someone close to us or adjusting to a major life change can cause us to question who we really are and what we want out of life. It is important to remember that the goal of life is not to never mess up, rather it is to notice when we are out of alignment with our truest self, and adjust accordingly to get back on track. Our work will focus on how you can reconcile the losses in your life and more towards a more whole and complete you.


The Burnout. The People Pleaser. The Empathetic Helper. Life has been a push-and-pull of needing to fit in while not feeling like it’s 100% you. Cue: anxiety and perfectionism. Our work together will center around the patterns that are no longer serving you while also reaching for acceptance of both the “light” and “dark” parts of self.

anxiety + perfectionism

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Using gentle non-invasive touch or the hovering of hands (Similar to the techniques used in popular somatic therapies.) Reiki helps restore balance and the flow of Ki. Since Reiki goes beyond the rational thinking brain, it allows for the nervous system to release trauma and blockages without feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions, memories, or bodily sensations attached to negative experiences. Therefore, by accessing the unconscious intuitive wisdom of your body, you can move towards greater authenticity and fulfillment of your purpose in life. 

3 - 60 MINUTE BUNDLE [The Empress package] | $333

Reiki is a holistic Japanese energy healing technique that restores our life-force energy (Ki). When Ki flows freely in our body, we feel empowered, strong, creative, vibrant, and connected to our higher sense of purpose. Unfortunately, when Ki is blocked, we feel fearful, limited, sluggish, depressed, and may have issues with chronic pain, digestion, and other ailments. This leaves us in an endless loop of repeating unhelpful habits or patterns to relieve ourselves from our suffering. 


Reiki & Energy Healing

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Thus my background makes my approach to reading the Tarot truly unique. In our reading you can expect for me to combine the use of my intuition, the imagery of the cards and psychology for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the situation/conflict you are experiencing. Like tarot traditional readings, I may pick up on hidden cues or use my senses to gather information about what meaning the cards might want to convey to you. However, like just therapy, I believe the best treatment is always collaborative, this means that I will invite you to reflect on what meaning you see the cards during our reading and the images/colors/symbols that stand out to you. Thus, together we will be able to uncover the answers to the questions you seek in marvelous and unexpected ways!

60 MINUTE - 3 question reading | $77
60 minute - Celtic cross reading | $77
60 minute - Life path and personality reading | $111

You may gotten a Tarot reading done for fun, or perhaps you are familiar with Tarot's darker and more mysterious reputation. Either way what if I told you that this historical game is a great metaphor for the ups and downs of the human condition? Tarot teaches us that our journey in life is never linear and always evolving. My training as a Certified Jungian Tarot Reader, provides me with a psychological perspective on the cards to reveal what you already know in your heart. 

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Feeling like you don’t have a purpose? Or like you are wearing a “mask” for everyone else? There is a tiny spark inside of you that wants something more - something true and real. It is time for that spark to grow. 

Embracing Authenticity

Let’s call it like it is - being a female (or female-identifying person) is f**king hard. All around you are messages that make you feel like you are “not enough”, yet you feel expected to keep it all together for the sake of being a “good girl.” There is so much more to being a woman than the one-dimensional story we are told. It’s time for you to embrace your inner goddess and reclaim your throne! 

Honoring the Female Experience

You've been suppressing some sh*t for a while, but now you feel unable to keep it down. Your body is wise. Your intuition is wise. YOU are wise. It’s time to reclaim the feminine, creative, and intuitive parts of you that you have felt cut off from. 

Reconnecting to Divine Wisdom

Any healthy relationship is built upon a foundation of trust and security and the therapy relationship is no different. Before engaging in the therapeutic process, every therapist should provide a written or electronic copy of their informed consent for their clients to sign prior to their first session. That being said, there are certain situations in which a therapist might be required to break confidentiality and these situations can include: Suspected abuse or neglect of children or elderly adults, if the therapist has reason to suspect the client is seriously in danger of harming themselves and/or if the client has threatened to harm another person. 

What remains confidential in session?

​At this time, I am not accepting new clients looking to file claims with their insurance providers. Please keep in mind that choosing to not file with your insurance provider allows you to be in full control of your treatment in therapy. Should you wish to file for out-of-network reimbursement for your sessions, I am happy to provide a receipt (Superbill) for self-pay clients. If you are interested in filing for out-of-network reimbursement, please contact your insurance provider for more information about the types of documentation they require. 

Do you take insurance? 

I currently split my time between two office locations in order to make myself more accessible for my clients. My primary office is located in the Heights area of Houston and my second location is in The Woodlands (roughly 45 minutes north of downtown Houston). For more information about my office location and hours, please schedule a phone consult. 

Where is your office located?

Reiki, chakra healing and tarot have been used throughout history to help individuals gain awareness of themselves. I believe these traditional and holistic healing modalities can offer us great wisdom when incorporating them into psychotherapy as they allow us to connect to our inner unconscious wisdom, or intuition, therefore helping us become more connected with our authentic selves. Furthermore, as a specialist in this area of research, I am familiar with the benefits of incorporating these techniques into session as part of my graduate studies in my current PhD program. Thus I am able to speak to their benefits and how research has supported their effectiveness with clients. 

Why would you use reiki or tarot for healing?

Great question! While there is a lot of similarity between reiki and psychotherapy, the main difference between these two modalities is that psychotherapy tends to focus on the mind and reiki is an energy therapy which focuses primarily on blockages within the body. Therefore, reiki tends to be more holistic in nature, where traditional psychotherapy takes more of a western approach However, given my background training and research in both of these modalities I have a unique way of conceptualizing my clients concerns whether it is in traditional psychotherapy or reiki. 

What’s the difference between psychotherapy and reiki?

That’s a great question! As a child I once heard an old wise saying that I have carried with me. “Sometimes it is the poison we fear, which holds the antidote.” While many cultures have some variation of this saying, the sentiment is the same. The things that we fear or run away from with ourselves or others, are often the very things which will set us free. This concept is reflected in psychological terms like ego and shadow, as well as in modern day theories (IFS, ACT etc.). However, unlike CBT, ACT and our more modern theories which tend to focus on the surface, a depth-depth oriented approach requires us to explore the unknown and mystical parts of ourselves we have hidden away so that we can bring them out of the shadows and into the light. 

What does a depth-oriented approach to psychotherapy look like?

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