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Growing up, you never felt like you could express your true self. So you learned to fit into a box that was never the right size for you. Now you’re an adult and wondering when things are going to actually get better. You’ve tried it all! Therapy, medication, yoga, all the tips and tricks the wellness gurus tell you to do, but nothing works. You just end up feeling even more lost, like you are meant for something more.

Are you tired of hiding who you truly are? 

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Embracing Authenticity

Honoring the Female Experience

Reconnecting to Divine Wisdom

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Feminist "fairy godmother"

holder of all things sacred

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trained psychotherapist + reiki Master + tarot practitioner

 M.Ed, LPC, Reiki Master

Michelle Robichaux

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Embrace Your Inner Goddess

This comprehensive guide helps you to unlock your sacred feminine wisdom.

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